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Bringing The Arts to You!

They say that music is the language of the soul, and like any other language, the earlier you start, the better chance you have to be fluent. Children should be exposed to the arts at an early age to foster the passion necessary to be phenomenal, and we at MPA Productions are here to offer students that exposure. More specifically, we strive to increase the visibility of string musicians in and around public schools. So allow us to set up an assembly for your student body and watch the awe on the faces of students as they interact with professional musicians.

MPA Productions provides private lessons for students, educator and orchestral support, pop-up arts, and opportunities for students to interact with professional musicians. Our goal is to nurture students' musical interests by increasing the visibility of string musicians in and around public school systems.

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MPA Director Christopher Mosley has served as a faculty member at The Waldorf School of Atlanta, Tri-Cities and North Springs high schools, Charles Drew Charter School, and currently at The University of West Georgia. Click below to learn more.


“MPA Productions and their unique sound make a significant impresion with their music. Their performances contain an acoustic maturity and contemporary creativity that exudes confidence and originality.”


“I’ve been to a few MPA Productions, and it never seizes to amaze me how they perform each song with such passion and enthusiasm, just as if it were the first time they were playing it live.”


“Combining their inventive sound with a forward-thinking musicality, MPA Productions consistently manage to hit all the right notes. With undeniably unique songs and engaging performances, this is one Musician to keep your eyes (and ears) on.”

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