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About MPA Productions

Bringing The Arts to You!

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MPA Productions was founded by Christopher "Mr. Performing Arts" Mosley in 2018. MPAP's dedication to the advancement of music and music education has made it one of Atlanta's most sought-after music production companies. MPAP boasts an unrivaled roster of classically trained bassists, cellists, harpists, pianists, violists, and violinists. In addition, the production company specializes in providing private lessons for students, educators and orchestral support, and pop-up arts.  
While MPAP is best known as the creative force behind "The Series on The Sevenths", the company broadened its reach in 2019 with "The Acoustic Aquemini", a symphonic celebration commemorating the twenty-first anniversary of Outkast's third studio album, "Aquemini".


MPAP has fostered relationships with The City of Atlanta, Atlanta Public Schools, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and its musicians. The production company has performed for patrons of the Avondale Arts Walk, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Southwest Arts Performance Theater's "It's All Jazz" festival, and has participated in the celebration of President Jimmy Carter's 95th birthday celebration at the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. MPA Productions is in the business of sharing the gift of classical music with the world, and it's in the business of bringing the arts to you!

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Our Mission

At MPA Productions, our mission is to enrich lives through the power of classical music and the arts. We believe in the transformative power of music to inspire, educate, and bring people together. Our commitment to excellence in music production, education, and community engagement drives us to create memorable experiences that transcend cultural and generational boundaries. We strive to be a beacon of artistic innovation, fostering a vibrant arts community in Atlanta and beyond.

Harmonizing Passions, Inspiring Futures

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Community Involvement and Partnerships

Connecting Communities

Community engagement is at the heart of MPA Productions. We are proud to collaborate with local schools, arts organizations, and community groups to promote access to music education and the arts. Our partnerships with the City of Atlanta, Atlanta Public Schools, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra exemplify our dedication to nurturing talent and supporting the arts ecosystem in our region. Through events like the Avondale Arts Walk and the "It's All Jazz" festival, we aim to bring the joy of classical music to diverse audiences and create a lasting impact on our community.

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